Death and Dying


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Death and Dying

When your character bleeds to death, receives a killing blow, or falls under the effects of a death spell, your character is dead.

How to Die

  1. Get killed.
  2. After dying, your character's spirit remains within your character's body for 5 minutes. While you are waiting, get your character's items together.
  3. At the end of those 5 minutes, your character's spirit leaves his or her body, and the largest remaining piece of their body disappears. For example, if your character's arm has been cut off, your character's body disappears, but the severed arm does not.
  4. Before you leave the spot where your character's body was lying, you must leave all the in-game items your character had on them at that spot.
  5. Once in spirit form, your character's spirit is invisible and insubstantial to most people, and you should wear a white headband or make some other effort to show that you are basically out of game. After your character is resurrected, your character will not remember anything from the time during which they were in spirit form.
  6. After leaving the body, your character's spirit will make its way to a divine power circle of your choice to be resurrected.
  7. Once within a divine power circle (usually located in a temple), your character's spirit becomes visible to anyone that is within view.
  8. Once at a divine power circle, you must wait for someone to perform a Rite of Life Ritual or a Resurrection ritual on the power circle. When the ritual is completed, your character will be alive again.

Life Force and Resurrection

During resurrection, there is a chance of your character losing a significant portion of their life force through the strain of the ritual.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all characters start with 3 life force.

Either during the ritual itself or at some time soon afterwards, you need to inform a marshal that your character has died.

The marshal will have you draw from a 'death bag' which consists of 10 white marbles and 10 black marbles. The number of either color of marble may be modified through powers or other special means (i.e. the 'weak spirit' character flaw).

The marshal will mix up the marbles in the bag, and you will then pull one marble from the bag without looking into the bag.

  • If you pull a black marble, your character's life force is reduced by one point, and you should mark this on your game day sheet, and turn that sheet in at the end of the event.
  • If you pull a white marble, your character loses no life force.

Other Possibilities

Two circumstances can change the course of events when your character dies.

  1. If your character dies and receives a 'bind spirit' spell before their body would disappear, your character's spirit will remain attached to their body for a length of time (usually 24 hours). Your character's body can then be carried to a divine power circle and be resurrected as normal, except that there is no chance of losing any of your character's life force. This is because the strain of being resurrected is lessened when your character's body does not need to be reconstructed by the magic of the ritual.
  2. If your character has no life force remaining when he or she dies, then at the point when your character's spirit would normally leave their body and make its way to a temple to be resurrected, the spirit instead dissipates, and your character is permanently dead. However, if your character has no life force remaining when he or she dies, but receives a 'bind spirit' spell before their spirit would leave their body, then they may be resurrected normally, as detailed above.
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